Charlotte Springer – Hot secretary

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  1. jason says:

    The rest of my teenage years were great. I was doing great at basketball and enjoyed being tall but nothing turned me on more than this neighbor. I grew more in love with her every year. By the time I was 14 I was 6’10 and two feet taller than her. She would always wear such high heels I wondered how small she would be without them. She was already so tiny to me it was crazy.

    So when I was almost 15 and around 6’11” I was doing yard work and heard her boyfriend yelling at her and then he left cussing the whole way and gave me a dirty look. I finished doing the work and then went to get paid and when she answered the door she was crying. I didn’t know what to do because I was not even 15 yet so I just asked her if she was alright. through her tears she said “I’m ok, I just had to get that jerk out of my life” She told me to come in while she got me the money and I loved the sight of walking in seeing her walk to her room in tan pantyhose feet and and over sized t shirt. I felt like a giant as I could tell she was about at my belly button level. She came back still crying but now looked in shock as she said “goodness Jason, you look taller every time I see you. You’ve grown so tall and handsome lately.” I was feeling so good about myself I could barely stand it. I asked her if he had hit her and she told me no. She looked up to me and said “you are always so good to me and so sweet to make sure I’m ok” she started crying again as she did her best to hug me but she was so short all I could do is put my hand on her head. I knelt down and was still taller than her and she kind of giggled through her tears as she hugged me again. I could see in a mirror behind her as she was on her tip toes hugging me on my knees. I felt huge. My knees were hurting so I kind of pulled away but she was still hugging me tightly so I just stood up and picked her up in the process. She said “holy cow, I feel like a little kid up here” as she looked down. I loved looking in that same mirror and seeing her up against me with her little feet dangling. I held her till I heard her stop crying or sniffling. I rubbed her back and was so turned on by the thought that she wasn’t wearing anything under that big t shirt except pantyhose. I finally put her down and she said “thank you, you are so sweet to comfort me” As she hugged my waist and looked up to me I felt even taller than before. She said ” I bet I look ridiculous to you right now being so small” I told her she looked great and I would love to be married to someone like her when I got older” She said “Aww, that is so sweet.” I gave her another hug goodbye and from then on she was always more flirtatious with me and would give me a hug and a kiss on the cheek whenever I saw her. When I was 16 I was doing some work at her house and I was over 7 feet tall at this point. I had something in my eye and she noticed me rubbing my eye. She told me to stop I would just make it worse. She said “come here, let me look at it” I stood above her and even in her highest heels she just laughed because there was no way she could see it that high. I then knelt down and even in her heels she was struggling to see into my eye. She said “why did I have to be so short?” I don’t know what came over me but I put my hands around her waist and my hands went all the way around her torso. I lifted her up and she shrieked with fear at first but then started giggling uncontrollably. We both started laughing and I was holding her above my head so she could see. She laughed so hard she couldn’t stand it and by the time she had tried to see my eyes were watering and whatever it was had come out. Her heels had fallen off while I lifted her and she was now in stocking feet standing before me as she gave me a hug. I could rest my chin on her head kneeling down. It felt so good to hold her in my arms.

    By the time I was 18 I was 7’5″ and my little brother was now 13 and doing her yard work. I would still help her with things around the house from time to time but my brother was now the beneficiary of seeing her more. It was funny because even though he wasn’t as tall as me growing up he still towered over her. I went away to school and played basketball about 3 hours away from home. I got a call from her that she had some business in town and wanted to take me out to dinner. Of course I said yes. We ate dinner at her hotel and she asked me if I wanted to come up for some coffee. I wanted to be around her always so of course I said yes. We entered her room and she was wearing a very sexy dress and heels with black pantyhose. She turned on some music and said “let’s dance” She started by just hugging me and by this time she was barely as tall as my belt when she took off her heels. Her chest hit me at the perfect level if you know what I mean. She asked me to pick her up as we danced and then we just started making out. I was the luckiest guy in the world. I won’t say what came next but she woke up in my arm like a baby cuddled up to me. That started a secret relationship that lasted for years.

  2. jason says:

    As we talked she was on her tip toes the entire time I think feeling very short. She was a foot and a half shorter than me and I think she was still trying to figure out how a 12 year old was totally towering over her. She gave me a hug for thanks and even on her tip toes she still didn’t reach my shoulders. As I was leaving I asked her why she couldn’t see out the peep hole of her door and she said she wasn’t tall enough and showed me how even on her tip toes she was too short. She said “we can’t all be giants Jason” I told her my dad could fix that and it was dangerous for her not to see who was at the door. She protested at first but then I told her I would make sure it got done.

    Later that week my dad came over to fix it and so did my mom I think to make sure my dad didn’t look at her too much. My dad was true to my mom but no one could help looking at her. I was there too of course and she had her boyfriend over who was a total punk. He was so cocky and you could tell she liked him but he was rude to us and her a lot. I couldn’t believe someone with her looks would put up with that. He was a good looking very thin man about 5’10” and looked to be well off too. She was in a dress with heels and pantyhose and he was dressed up somewhat too looking like they both just got home from work. She introduced my family to him and you could tell he didn’t like having to look up to us including me and my mom.
    My little 10 year old sister had made her way over there too with my 7 year old brother not far behind. Everyone was now at her doorway watching my dad fix her door so she could see out. She walked over to me and put her arm around me telling her boyfriend that I was the best at yard work and I took care of that for her for the past 2 years and I was only 12. She said “look at this” as she took off her heels and shrunk about 6 inches right before our eyes. She said “can you believe he’s only 12? I look like a kid standing next to him!” Her boyfriend just laughed and said “that’s embarrassing, you look like a midget.” You could see the defeat in her eyes as she put her heels back on and said “it’s not like you’re taller than him. You’re looking small to a 12 year old too.” He looked very angry about her saying that and he looked up to me and then away and said “at least I’m normal height and not some vertically challenged person” Her feelings were hurt again but she just dropped the subject.

    My dad finally had the markings where to put her peep hole and she stepped away after measuring and said “I better take off my heels because I won’t always be wearing heels.” Again she took off her heels and shrunk a ton. Her boyfriend wasn’t there and it looked like she looked around to make sure before removing her heels. My dad measured again and she looked up to him and said “geez you are so tall! You all make me feel so short. ” My mom came and stood next to her and totally towered over her as she looked way up and my mom said “look, so many women would love to be you. You are so gorgeous and don’t let anyone talk disrespectfully to you. You are petite but so pretty and deserve a good man” My mom didn’t specifically say her boyfriend was an idiot and a jerk but I think we all got the message. She gave my mom a hug and she looked so small. Then my 10 year old sister who was 5’2″ at the time cam over and stood next to her. My very pretty neighbor said “not you too, I really am a midget”. Then she went and stood next to my 7 year old brother who was about a head shorter than her and laughed and said “I needed him here, someone has to be shorter than me” we all laughed. She gave us all hugs as we left and except for my little brother she had to get on her tip toes and looked so small. Especially my dad because even on her tip toes she barely reached his stomach.

  3. jason says:

    So I had this big crush on her and loved seeing her each week and getting the money for doing yard work. Then when I was 12 and had finished doing her yard work for the year she was leaving one evening and motioned for me to come over to her car. She said she had to leave and for me to come by later and get my money for the last work I did and she also said she had a gift card as a bonus for doing such a good job that year. She also told me she would like it if I could continue the next year. I was happy about all three things. She said I was actually saving her money and that the landscapers cost her much more and did less. I had always tried to do the best job for her one because she was so good looking and two because I genuinely liked her because she was so cool to me.

    So our schedules never met up until Halloween. I was only 12 but basketball season was starting to get going and I was busy and so was she. Halloween night I took my little brother and sister trick or treating and of course stopped by her house. She was dressed up as Jessica Rabbit and I know I was only 12 but I was so overtaken with her. I was very tall for my age and was on my way to being over 7 feet tall. So at 12.5 years old I was 6’4″. I loved being tall and loved towering over grown women most of all like my Teachers or friends of my mom. My mom was 6’2″ so I had just barely passed her. up. My dad was 6’10”. I know it’s weird but I loved watching my dad tower over my mom and how she would have to get on her tippy toes to kiss him. Even though she was so tall he would sometimes pick her up and kiss her.

    So I was in a group of kids with my little brother and sister who were 7 and 10. They were also very tall for their ages. She passed out the candy as I stood in awe of her and how gorgeous she was in the costume. She then looked up at me and said “are you trick or treating too?” I told her no and I was just with my little brother and sister watching them. She said “you are so sweet, I bet you’re the best brother ever.” She said “Hey don’t forget your money, when can you come back to get it since I have too many kids coming by to get it right now?” I told her I could come by later in the evening and she said that would be great.

    Later that night we were done trick or treating and it was dark and not many more trick or treaters left. I went to her house to get the money and my mom made me a cake to give to her as a thanks for her business like she did for all of my customers. I came up to her doorstep and rang the doorbell and she very cautiously said from the other side of the door “who is it?” I told her it was me and she opened the door and again I was blown away with how gorgeous she was. She was still in her Jessica Rabbit costume but had ditched her very tall red heels which I could see over to the side of her and was in her creamy colored pantyhose feet. Her legs were so awesome with the rip in the side of the dress going way up along one of her legs. She apologized and said she couldn’t look out the peep hole to see it was me. She opened the screen door and I handed her the cake and told her It was for letting me do her yard work all year and from my mom. She said “that is so sweet! I’ve never had something like that done for me especially from a neighbor” I think she was used to being shunned by women because she was so beautiful. She told me to come in while she got the money and gift card and as she walked away and out of site in her house I walked up the two tall steps to be in her house. I had never been in her house just on her porch. I instantly felt very tall as I walked in. Her doorway even felt short to me. I looked over and her heels were so high yet they looked tiny.

    One of the best moments of my childhood was when she walked out fumbling through her purse and finally looking up and up and up to me. I was in shock how much taller I was than her. I was used to being taller than a lot of people especially women but I absolutely towered over her. I had been thinking she was a lot taller because of the two steps up to her house. She said “What are you standing on?” I told her nothing and she about fell over in shock. She was still very confused as she stood up against me and measured herself with her hand and barely reached my mid chest. I was incredibly turned on as I was looking down at her with a great view of of her Jessica Rabbit costume. She looked up to me and said “Goodness, I ‘m a little shorty compared to you. How old are you now?” I told her 12 and a half and her jaw hit the floor. She said “no way you are 12, you are a giant! Gosh, look at me I’m so small to you!

  4. jason says:

    I had a neighbor who looked so much like this model growing up. All the kids near our neighborhood thought she was so hot. In playing games in our backyard sometimes we would hit or kick balls into her backyard and we would have to go to ask her if it was ok to go get them. We would fight to ring her doorbell because she was so hot. We thought we were so old and tough as we would fight to see who got to talk to her. She was in her early 30’s and and had to have been well off because she lived alone (I think she owned her house) and drove a mercedes. We usually saw her as she would drive into her garage and she was always so cool to us. I think she knew we thought she was beautiful because we all stared at her as long as we could before her garage door went down.

    When I was 10 I started mowing lawns around the neighborhood for a very cheap price and she stopped me while I was cutting the grass for a neighbor. She called me over to her car and said she liked my entrepreneur spirit and asked me how much I charged to cut and edge a yard. Her yard had always been taken care of by professionals so I told her I charge $10 but I only cut and edge. She said she had landscapers who did the big work twice a year but she would pay me $20 to just cut and edge every week. She laughed as I about fell over from shock. She laughed again and said “so it’s a deal?” I just shook my head yes. I usually would do her yard work in the summer in the evenings so it wasn’t that hot. She would tell me to come up to her front door and collect the money after I was done. She was always good for a compliment on a job well done and $20.

    So I did her yard work the next couple of years and I always collected after the job. I loved how she was always dressed up and looked so pretty. The thing I had never realized was that she was so tiny. She was pretty big chested like the model above but very short in stature. For over two years I had never noticed how tall the step was into her house. There were actually two steps from the porch but if you stood on the first one it was too close to the screen door and she wouldn’t have been able to open the screen door. So for those two years I really couldn’t judge her height and kind of just assumed she was tall since she stood 2 feet above anyone coming to her door. She was in reality only 4’10”. She did always seem to wear extremely tall heels. One time I saw her in her stocking feet and it did make me wonder how tall she was because without heels she just looked petite.

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