Charlotte Springer in black pantyhose

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  1. shawn says:

    This teacher was the smallest hot woman I had ever seen. I grew to over 7 feet tall so must people looked small to me but she was 4’7″ with a killer body. She would always wear very tall heels to class with pantyhose and I passed her in height in 3rd grade. She wouldn’t take off her heels until the last day of school because she didn’t want me looking down to her all year she said. When she finally took them off I was a lot taller than her and she tried to stand up as tall as she could but it was a great day as she had to get on her tip toes to give me a hug goodbye. Through the years I kept growing and would come back to see her often. She started looking shorter and shorter each time. Finally she barely reached my waist and I loved picking her up in hugs.

  2. shawn says:

    This model looks like my 3rd grade teacher. She is so beautiful and her legs in feet are killer in pantyhose.

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