Russian amateur girl – Vacation photos

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  1. skz says:

    Nastya Ariel pornstar

  2. None says:

    How fucking hot that babe is! She doesn’t look like a porn starlet. I’d like to Know the background of that photoshoot… How these pics ended up here… :-p

    • ALEX says:

      She is just an average Russian or Ukranian girl, who spends her vacation in Turkey with a husband (she has a ring on her finger). No background here, about 50% of the girls, who have ever been in Turkey or Egypt have a lot of photos like these, just because life is a tricky thing, you know: now you are young and beautiful and have enough (let’s say 800 USD) money to spend for 10 days in Turkey (a lot of people in Russian or Ukraine borrow their money from banks for 25% interest) but then you are 30 with two children and alcoholic husband, who can earn only 200 USD per month because it’s too complicated to find a solid job here.

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