Melisa Mendini naked in a bar

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  1. anonymous says:

    seems to prove one thing: if you’re female, nude and kinda good looking, approaching to men is easy as fuck, mostly welcomed, even if nothing sexual is intended and most pics look like they all had a good time.
    if you’re male, nude and approaching to women, you’re a potential rapist, sexist, unwanted nudist and you’ll be probably locked into jail for several years due to attempted assault or something like that.

    • DrCroland says:

      Dude, IMHO you really are not looking at this logically. If a woman is approached by a naked man whom she doesn’t know, she is naturally going to be concerned that he might be trying to do something she doesn’t want. The reverse, however, is not possible. No guy is going to get worried about a naked woman approaching him, except perhaps what his wife or girlfriend might do if she hears about it.

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