Marilyn Lange – Playmate of 1975

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  1. allspice says:

    ᎳOW just what I wаs looking for. Came here by searching for blower

  2. rmm says:

    I wish I could have married her and raised a family. We would have had at least six kids.

  3. gary s says:

    i want to lick that hairy pussy

  4. gary s says:

    She is fucking smokin’

  5. gary s says:

    she’s fucking smokin’

  6. Bluesman says:

    Many a time I lost a lot of fluid looking at her pics, imagined frosting those tits over and over.

  7. Sam Bristol says:

    When she undressed and you started making out, your cock wss rock hard and dancing the fandango. You took a jug in your mouth and suckled. You rolled on the bed and your cock wss at rapt attention straight in the air. She grasped it and amiled and began stroking it. She leaned in and wrapped the giant jugs around the bpner. She squeezed smiled and started to pump. You let her steer. Hell, yeah. Thwn yoy blew. A massive filthy liad of warm gooey white love goo all over her chest face shoulders chin and hair. Sraight fucking camw next.

  8. Aww Ya says:

    Marilyn is one of the greatest wank targets of all time. Dem titties!

  9. radbid says:

    I have loved Marilyn for over 30 years. I’d love to see her now – she’s probably still beautiful at 63!

  10. paul lindstrom says:

    Marilyn,Marilyn where ever you are . Please come out of hiding and acknowledge your many admirers.

  11. black_h says:

    She is amazing !!!! Wow

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