Lisa Welch – Miss September 1980

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    lisa welch, one of the most beautiful woman to grace playboy

  2. Tito says:

    You are unforgettable for me.
    I was a teenager when I saw your photos. September 1980 of the playboy magazine.
    You filled my head with wonderful fantasies.

  3. STEPHEN says:

    CALL me Lisa,I’m Steve-973-580-2881

  4. vilean says:

    It’s always a pleasure to see you again

  5. Ron Brabon says:

    I saw lisa at the Grand Rapids, MI auto show where i had my photo taken with her. Her lipstick kiss on my cheek. She has always been the angel in my dreams.

  6. Felix says:

    I wish that i could make love with her all the time… i really love her hairy bush so much… she’s so… hot & sexy… i can imagine how i make love with her now licking & sucking her hairy bush pussy so hard… really want to dream about her every single day… common Lisa… really want you so bad now…. please… do respon to me…

  7. Grey Wolf says:

    Some model without grace but Lisa is not one of them. I find that her attributes are outstanding but her eyes are worthy of time and efforts as she would be.

  8. nunifun says:

    Kellemes ez a lány, szívesen a méhébe ejakulálnék 🙂

  9. Harry says:

    Love me some hairy bush

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