Kelly Andrews in denim shorts

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  1. Anonymous says:

    She really is fucking hot…..she needs to be drenched with warm milk and slowly stripped pf her wet clothes with milk dripping from her boobs

  2. Anonymous says:

    what a boobilicious babe..fresh milky squishy round boobs with fucking good milky pink tities ready to produce high quality warm milk and sucked…if u see the video she completely did the cameraman not get a BONER!..wish she was gangbanged with her permission and periodically fucked by the male staff post the shoot…i would love her to lay her on a grass bed or in a barn(like in mask of zorro) and suck her juicy wet cunt…while fellow male mates would quirm their jizz on her perfectly elastic boobies and deep down her throat…milky fucking suckable boobies ever..she needs to be in gangbang with atleast 5 men coz one cannot satisfy this bitch(in a respectful way..not meant to insult..she has extreme sex drive)

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