Jennifer Korbin & Three 6 Mafia – Behind the scenes

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  1. Pijak z owni says:

    Love skirt

  2. Derp King says:

    She’s gonna have a caramel baby, where you guys like it or not… unfortunately she’s been slaving for B.B.C for some time.

    She was just an average, girl next door, but now… she’d rather just eat used condoms filled with black jizz…

  3. Ha Ha says:

    You honks always have sloppy seconds, or in this case thirds.

  4. Ha says:

    You nigs can have this 40 yr old bitch, she looks like a used tampon

  5. whitetrashkiller says:

    all withes are trash

  6. whitetrashkiller says:

    White trash is jealous of black men because the have tiny dicks. Withe bitches love black men’s big cocks get over it. They both gangbanged her and shot a hot load of black cum inside her and over her face. I don’t know why because she looks like a used up shite monkey bitch like you two fags proabably look like.

  7. NigsAreBeasts says:

    Seconded.Bestiality is a sin.

  8. NiggaStomper says:

    To see those filthy nigger primates oggling a white woman is a crime against both God and nature.Those yard apes should be road dragged.

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