Jeff Milton nude on the couch

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  1. Paul Wibier says:

    Jeff Milton [that is her name] is so beautiful and well put together. She exudes so much confidence in all her shoots, is so self assured it’s almost scary to think where she will be in no fewer than a couple of more years. I wish her all the best for she truly deserves all the good she is achieving today. Bless you darlin’ and may the sun always shine in your neck of the world!! All my
    love to you and best of luck always…………Paul

  2. Bob James says:

    F**kin’ Hell !!!!! I’d forgotten completely just what a stunning,hot and sexy wee thing this cutie actually is but for god’s sake who decided to christen her Jeff .

    In the UK Jeff is short for Jefferey or Geofferey depending on which way you spell it.It’s actually an expression over here,to call someone a Jefferey as in “he’s a proper Jefferey”.It’s not a damning insult but isn’t very flattering either.

    Jeff’s wear corduroy trousers and a Parka jacket or cagoule.He drinks half pints or shandy and collects stamps.He’s guaranteed to drive a Citroen C4 though is unlikey to have kids and without a shadow of a doubt he’s nearing 47 and is still a virgin lol,

    She’s no Jeff or not to me anyway lol

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