India Reynolds – Black over the knee socks

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  1. steve says:

    I have a crush on this model because she reminds me so much of my aunt growing up. My uncle married her and I had a crush on her since I met her at their wedding. We are a very tall family and she was tiny although at 6 years old she looked tall to me. They never had kids and so my sister and I were like their kids and they would spoil us. My older sister only ended up being 6 ft. tall but I ended up being 7’2″.

    When I was 10 years old my aunt and uncle came to visit us and I remember like it was yesterday. She was wearing a red and white polkadotted dress with tan hose and very tall red heels. Her first words to me as she hugged me was “my you have grown Steve”. I was slightly looking down to her in her heels and they had to be 5 or 6 inches because when she took them off she shrunk a bunch. We measured and I remember being able to look over her head.

    I had huge growth spurts the next two summers and learned just how tiny she was. At 12 I was 6’4″ and she was 4’9″. My uncle was 6’6″ so she was used to looking up. She took off her heels again and was below my chest in height. I was at this point totally in love with her. I loved how as I followed her around like a puppy dog she would be so kind to me. If she was wearing heels she would take them off and hug me as she looked up to my eyes. she would say things like “you are a giant” or “I’m so tiny down here”

    I didn’t see here again until I was 15 even though we would talk on the phone and she would request pictures. My older sister towered over her and my aunt saw a family Christmas picture before she came to visit where I was totally towering over my sister. She couldn’t believe it. My sister hated how much taller I was than her too. She was so used to being tall to everyone and then couldn’t get tall to me even in heels.

    So knowing I am 7’1″ by the time I was 15 my aunt came dressed in her highest heels and a dress and tan pantyhose. She just laughed as she hugged me and I felt like a giant twice her height. With her heels on her breasts hit me right in the crotch. I couldn’t help mask the way I felt to her. She just smiled not saying a word. Looking up to me she took her heels off and I couldn’t believe how little she looked. With her heels off her breasts were now lower than my crotch. She would get on her tip toes as she hugged my legs really and made me so excited. She asked me to pick her up because she felt so far down to me. I did with pleasure and she giggled as I held her. She laughed at my uncle because now I was taller than him by a ways and with me holding her she was looking down to him too. It was the best week ever of her jumping in my lap while we watched TV and me constantly towering over her. Good times.

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