Girls with tattoos vol.2

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  1. hi says:

    Does anyone know the name of the girl at number five

  2. Brian Sepe says:

    How old testament are you people that you think people getting tattoos are disgusting or are a sign of a girl being easy. welcome to the 2000’s its the new way of life get over yourselves or don’t look.

  3. Capt Obvious says:

    “Body modification is art”

    Keep telling yourself that. Anyway, Jacob nailed it. When I see a girl with a tatoo, I think “she’s crazy, a sure thing, don’t even have to go on a date”.

    Nothing hotter that that tattoo from a girl’s 20’s showing up when she’s a grandma when she’s in her 50’s and 60’s. Looks so hot. Makes you think she was an easy fuck when she was a kid, and who knows who the father of her children are.

  4. afro says:

    lol, some men are just fags in disguise, wouldn’t know a feisty woman from a mile…

  5. Jamie says:

    You guys just made complete asses of yourselves and are so shallow.It depends on what the tattoo is and where it is placed.People like you are so closed minded.Body modification is art.And if the person who does it in a vulgar manner such as “Enter Here” tattooed above the vagina,well she’s just asking for your rude comments.Other than that nude photography and body modification is a beautiful thing.So please keep your ignorant and unrefined comments to yourself please.

  6. Jacob says:

    No, James when I see a girl with tattoos I think – there’s a girl who will probably be an easy fuck. My dick doesn’t think yuck.

  7. James says:

    What a waste – did anyone ever see a chick and think – she’d look hotter with a tatt


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