Emma Kuziara – Pink stewardess

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  1. john says:

    so sexy

  2. Josh says:

    I had a friend growing up that had a sister that looked so much like Emma. I grew up with such a crush on her and she was always sweet to me and my friend but because she was 3 years older than us she never paid us that much attention. That all changed when I was a Freshman and really started to grow tall and strong. I ended up being over 7 feet tall by the end of high school but I would say I was 6’2″ as a freshman. i had just hit a huge growth spurt.

    My friends sister was tiny short but big chested like Emma above. She always dressed up and wore pantyhose and heels to school. I loved that about her. Rarely would you see her in jeans or dressed down. I would also like to visit my friends house to see her much more comfortable at home. She would often wear shorts or still be in a dress but would take off her heels.

    Well right before our Freshman year started my friend had me over. His sister was in booty shorts and pantyhose, I think she was getting ready for something. I was so turned on looking at her walk around. I went to use the bathroom and didn’t realize she was coming out of so fast and she ran right into me. I said “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were in there.” She looked up to me and that’s when I noticed how tiny she was. I was looking way down to her and she said “Oh my word Josh, you’re like a giant now! When did you get so tall?” I think it was a combination of my last growth spurt and her always wearing very tall heels when she would see me. She brought me over to her Mom who was also hot and said “Look how tall Josh is! I feel like a shrimp!” Her mom slipped out of her shoes too and came and stood next to me. She was shorter than her daughter. I loved feeling so tall around these beauties. They took a picture with me and it was amazing how little they looked to me. I had looked up to these women growing up and now they seemed so tiny.

    All of the sudden at school she would give me hugs and tell me things like “you make me feel so short” or “you seem taller every day!” I started to think maybe she was into me. I was 3 years younger than her and she was one of the most popular girls at school so I didn’t want to get my hopes up. I also didn’t want my friend thinking anything was up. He would have hated me if he knew how I felt. I kept growing like a weed and she only grew more beautiful. When she would hug me I could feel her getting shorter and shorter to me. I didn’t realize at the time that she was only 5 feet tall and only looked normal height because she wore giant heels.

    They had a party at their house towards the end of my freshman year and I was the only freshman invited except for her brother. I think I was invited because I had played varsity as a freshman. I was now over 6’6″ We were all dancing at the party and I’ll admit we all had a little to drink. Their mom was a single mom and had left to visit her parents so their was no supervision. There were about 30 of us at the party and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She was in a burgandy dress with tan stockings and burgandy what I would call stilts but they were just platform heels. She kept looking at me the whole night too and I was wondering what she was thinking until one time when we were all dancing and she quickly grabbed my hand and took me to her bedroom. She told me she liked me and didn’t know a good way of telling me and was hoping we could make out. She was a little drunk so I was nervous she would regret it later. I told her that her brother could never find out and she agreed. She had dim light in the room and a huge mirror that took up the whole wall so I could see her looking up to me. I couldn’t believe how much bigger I looked than her. I wasn’t an experienced kisser so I just bent way down and let her show me. It was apparent that I was too tall to make out with her so I picked her up which I could tell she liked. We kept making out for about 5-10 minutes like that and then I noticed her heels fell off her feet. I loved the feeling of being so big to her and her in my arms with her little feet dangling in the air. She obviously liked it too. When I put her down she started laughing and I thought I had done something embarrassing. She said “Look how much taller you are than me without my heels on!” I looked in the mirror and she looked so small at about my lower chest level looking straight up to me. She laughed again getting on her tip toes saying “pick me up again I can’t reach you!” I did and we made out some more. It was great. We came out of her room and my friend asked where I had been and I told him I needed some fresh air. He bought it thankfully.

    Throughout the next few years we snuck around never letting anyone know. I was on Varsity so i practiced opposite her brother who was on JV until we were seniors. Many times we would go to her house when her mom was at work and brother was at practice. No one ever knew even though now at school she would let me pick her up for hugs and call me her big little brother. Her friends started asking to be picked up too and she was jealous I could tell and would tell them “he’s not your brother”.

    One of my best memories was when I was a Sophmore and finishing my season. I was very close to 7 feet tall by then. She was on senior cheer and when we won the League Championship the crowd stormed the court. I loved their cheerleading uniforms and her legs always looked so good in those tights they would wear. Everyone was giving me hugs and congratulating me when I looked down and saw her tiny self standing right in front of me. She had taken off her sneakers so she was just in her cheer uniform and tights. She motioned for me to pick her up and I did. I carried her like you would a little child and she would put her head on my shoulder time to time. I held her like that forever it seemed. I loved her legs wrapped around me. She still played it off as me being like a brother but i think others were starting to wonder.

    We had great times and I was so glad she enjoyed being little to me because I grew so tall and she was so small to me. I miss those days. Once she went to College I hardly ever saw her again. It was always good when we did see each other though.

    One last thing. My senior year my friends mom sat with us at the banquet since my parents couldn’t go. I said earlier that she was also very pretty and even shorter than his sister. They both had wonderfully shaped bodies. though.. She sat right by me and was driving me crazy how good she looked. We were all dressed up but she was wearing a black dress with black hose and sky scrapper black heels. i was 7’3″ at the time so she was so tiny to me and it was almost awkward to talk to her as we were standing because she was so small to me. We kept standing up to applaude at different times and I noticed she had taken off her heels and was measuring herself to me. She was way down by my belly button. She kept looking up to me and giving me a very familiar look that I knew from her daughter. I wanted to pick her up and leave right there but I knew I couldn’t. The rest of the banquet she flirted with me and her stocking feet kept conveniently rubbing against my leg. She put her heels next to my foot and made a big deal how my feet were over twice the size of hers. It took a lot of discipline not to take advantage of the moment but my friend was giving me the evil eye already and it was her not me.

    Great memories!

  3. Josh says:

    She is so beautiful!

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