Diora Baird in Playboy

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  1. Al Sin says:

    Why do we seem to always find someone commenting on whether boobs are real or fake? Who the hell cares. As long as she is a real female and not some fag pretending to be a female, we’re all good.

  2. miguel says:

    “Yes, she is 100 % au naturale.” C’mon, those are so obviously implants. The sharp outline and nipples being unnaturally high

    • Boumayé says:

      I totally agree ! It’s particularly obvious on the last photos with the tree.
      Sorry for the naive…

  3. redheadsforever says:

    For those that are wondering, Yes, she is 100 % au naturale.

  4. kumar says:

    She looks pretty good, but a bit of smile would be welcome!

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