Ann Angel nude in the park

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  1. Peter Flynn says:

    Look I get it. She’s extremely hot and I know her real name and she doesn’t do any of this stuff anymore and is currently becoming a nurse as am I. She’s shot 1000’s of photos and God knows how ,any videos and I couldn’t care less about any of it. And she actually said I’m the most gorgeous buy she’s ever seen. But we get each other and while we both know we’re hot she’s completely humble about it and I guess I am too. And we both really know each other. She accepts that I was falling in love with her before I been saw a single photo. I’ve actually been with some of the most beautiful girls in the world but she’s so much more beautiful than any of them and not just because her body is the most but also because her soul is so stunning and about love I’ve never known a braver girl. We’re both highly intelligent and I’ve always loved very smart girls and for fanboy dorks like you I’d recommend some local girl you have a chance with. And the companies selling her without her ever sigma any releases well have fun being raped every night in prison bitches. She’s mine now and bite it all if you losers!!

  2. Christopher Anderton says:

    Lovely photo off Ann angel she great and sexy I wish I could meet her xx

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