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  1. jason says:

    So I had this friend growing up that played basketball with me that had a mom who favors India Reynolds and that is why I find her so attractive. He was the point guard on our team and I was the center. His family consisting of his mom and two sisters and he were so tiny. They were mostly Native American but did not do much with their heritage. My friends little sisters were tiny too but his mom being an adult you would have expected her to be taller. She ended up being the smallest one by far after all was said and done. His mom was so beautiful and such a tease to his friends. She was a single mom and knew we all had a crush on her. We would all go to my friends house several times a week and would usually end up eating dinner there. My friends mom loved cooking for us and having us around. She was always dressed so nice for work and always had on dresses , pantyhose and very tall heels on. Before I turned 11 I never gave it much thought but I hit a huge growth spurt around that age as well as started being attracted to girls and women. Soon I was much taller than my friend’s mom especially when she wasn’t wearing heels. She always made a big deal about how tall I was and when she would hug me she would always say how she had to get on her tip toes from now on. I loved growing up so fast and watching her shrink before my eyes the next few years. I towered over her and loved the view. She was always so flirtatious and it made me feel like a man around her.

  2. jason says:

    I think India Reynolds is so beautiful. She is the best of all the models. I like petite women and she is so tiny. When you see her posing alone she looks tall but when you see her around other models she is smaller than them. Her height is really deceiving but I love how short she looks around other models. I am a really tall guy and love how feminine women who are a petite naturally are. There is nothing like the feeling of a woman stretching as high as she can go to give you a kiss. Such a turn on. Especially if they need you to pick them up to kiss them.

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